Antique german pocket watches : Nice watch for men

Antique German Pocket Watches

antique german pocket watches

  • old-timer: an elderly man

  • shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"

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antique german pocket watches - Russian Wristwatches:

Russian Wristwatches: Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, Onboard Clock & Chronometers (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Russian Wristwatches: Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, Onboard Clock & Chronometers (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Twentieth century Russian wristwatches are too costly for many native buyers, but they are still inexpensive for Western Collectors, and are becoming extremely popular. Watch faces commemorate all the great moments of Russian and Soviet history-from Yuri Gagarin's space flight to the Summit meeting between Gorbachev and George Bush-and celebrate Russian culture with images of native costumes from Chechnya to the Ukraine. Collectors have long clamored for a definitive reference and this new book will satisfy even the most avid enthusiast, with photographs of over 500 watches manufactured in Russia and the USSR during the second half of this century, and explanations of their styles, workings, and manufacturers. Poljot, Wostok, and Slava wristwatches are covered, along with a sampling of pocket watches, deck watches, and marine chronometers. This book is a must for serious collectors in the growing field of Russian timekeepers.

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Antique Pocket Watches and, unfortunately, me

Antique Pocket Watches and, unfortunately, me

I was really trying to take pictures of the watches, not me. Anyway the description below these gave a neat summary of the history of pocket watches.

"In the 15 and 16 centuries, the boom in maritime exporation and advances in science and technology, such as Galileo's discovery of the property of the pendulum, created the framework for creation of portable timepieces. German and French watchmaers initiated the trend, converting the portable carriage clock to a smaller, more decorative pocket watch worn on a chain around the neck or suspended from the belt. Cases were pierced in elaborate patterns to allow the wearer to hear the striking of the movement and covers were often made of rock crystal to allow the dial to be seen without the case being opened. Oval shapes were popular in the early 17th century, gradually giving way to faceted or lobed crystal shapes in later decades."

Steampunk Art Nouveau Style Timepiece Cigarette Case - 01

Steampunk Art Nouveau Style Timepiece Cigarette Case - 01

A beautiful and unique vintage Art Nouveau silver finish steampunk cigarette case.
This vintage estate cigarette case is 4" long by 3" wide and 3/8" deep. Its roomy interior holds 9- 100 length cigarettes (not included), cash, business cards or credit cards.
The sturdy, flawless, vintage case is embossed on the front and back with a beautiful German Art Nouveau floral pattern. This case has a spring-tension bar to hold items in place on one side. A push tab on the front opens the case and securely locks back into place.
The detailed front is embellished with a vintage brass art nouveau stamping that encompasses detailed brass parts from an antique pocket watch and vintage clock gears and hands. All parts are securely fastened.

antique german pocket watches

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