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Mens Watch Reviews

mens watch reviews

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Jeff Maland

Jeff Maland

Jeff was born and raised in Harrison, Arkansas. He has been with Signature Bank of Arkansas for six years after joining them as one of their first three employees while completing his BSBA in Management at the University of Arkansas. He is currently a Senior VP in the Loan Review & Risk Management department. While at UofA, Jeff was a member of the 2002 Razorback baseball team and he still enjoys playing or watching sports, as well as reading, fishing, and floating a river. He recently abandoned the singles market when Ms. Traci Burleson agreed to be his wife. Jeff dedicates his turn on the catwalk to his mother, a breast cancer survivor.



i went hiking that day with my cousins, aunt, and their family dog. their was buzz about the indiana jones movie (i still haven't watched it, but i've heard mixed reviews so i'm not concerned), and even though we weren't huge fans, it was enough to get us inspired and excited for our manly hike. we intended to sport fake mustaches too, but chickened out when we discovered that there were more people sharing our activity than we had expected. :(

hat: target, mens' section.
jacket: target.
sweater: target, boys' section.
shirt: my cousin's.
jeans: forever 21.
boots: urban outfitters.

mens watch reviews

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