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Oleg Cassini Quartz Watch

oleg cassini quartz watch

    oleg cassini
  • Oleg Cassini (April 11, 1913 - March 17, 2006) was a French-born American fashion designer noted for being chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy to design her state wardrobe in the 1960s. He became the exclusive costume designer for his then-wife, American film and stage actress Gene Tierney.

    quartz watch
  • (Quartz Watches) Watches with analogue or digital display, whose movement is powered by a quartz. The quartz analogue watch: The division of the time functions by means of quartz, whose vibrations are generated by a battery. The analogue time display is shown by electrically driven hands.

  • (Quartz Watches) These watches use a quartz crystal to measure time and a battery for power. You do not need to wind these watches up.

  • A quartz clock is a clock that uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. This crystal oscillator creates a signal with very precise frequency, so that quartz clocks are at least an order of magnitude more accurate than good mechanical clocks.

watches - front

watches - front

quite hard to do the watches justice with a photo!
left to Right:
1.This one is pretty - a green and gold face - Oleg Cassini (needs new battery)
2. "Fog City Diner" - (has new battery)
3. Sy & Co - says "stainless steel" on back (has new battery)
4. Kenneth Cole - all stainless steel, water resistant (has new battery)
5. Geneva Quartz - silver color - stainless steel back - base metal bezel - has main watch face and 3 small faces (needs new battery)
6. Geneva Quartz - copper color - stainless steel back - base metal bezel - has main watch face and 3 small faces (needs new battery)
7. Geneva Quartz - stainless steel back - base metal bezel - has main watch face and 4 small faces (Tokyo, Paris, New York, LA) - 5 time zones - stainless steel back, water resistant. It has diamente pattern around the face (8 missing pieces). The glass needs replacement. (needs new battery)

Oleg Cassini

Oleg Cassini

Model Pat McGuire is wearing a creation by Oleg Cassini.

"This dress was first created exclusively for Jackie Kennedy, with which she was the Annual Ball of American Vogue in 1968".

oleg cassini quartz watch

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